Ruby and her Puppy

Ruby has always been an animal person. There is something about animals that just open her up and help her connect better to the world.  I remember when we first started having concern about her development and we were waiting for her early intervention evaluation the intense need to do something for her kicked in and boom we got a bunny.  The first time Ruby … Continue reading Ruby and her Puppy

What are Sensory Issues?

So what are sensory issues?  This is something that is actually pretty common in children.  Two studies found that between 1 in 6 and 1 in 20 children suffer from sensory issues.   For children with autism, most of them have some sort of sensory issue, but the majority of children who have sensory issues do not have autism.  But what are sensory issues and how … Continue reading What are Sensory Issues?

Increasing Attention

One of the biggest struggles Ruby has had is her attention, more specifically her joint attention.  Joint attention means when your child is sharing interest with an object or activity with another person, they are engaging in something with another person.  A child can be really interested in legos and like to build things and have create concentration and attention on the task.  That is great, … Continue reading Increasing Attention