Communication Device Challenge

This week I have been focusing more on helping Ruby use her communication device. I let her explore the device a lot, but sometimes it can be challenging to always make time to model using the device with her. So a strategy I used was to set aside a few minutes everyday to work with her ipad.

I had created a prayer page for her so she could have a turn to say the prayer. I started by adding just a few things that we typically say in a prayer and modeled how to use it to say a prayer.

What’s nice about her communication device is that when I push several buttons they all appear at the top forming a complete sentence.

When I click on the top bar it reads all the words in the sentence so Ruby gets used to saying the whole prayer.

She has been loving saying the prayer! She will even verbalize more of a prayer and even repeat words when I say them. She is doing amazing!

We have also been working on using other functions of the ipad. Some of her favorites are the bubble page, the car page, and the animals. Ruby will also click on things like fast and slow and we have Brandon run fast or slow so act out what Ruby is saying.

This communication device has been so wonderful and I am excited to continue to learn more ways to incorporate the AAC communication device in our lives from this website given to us by her speech therapist here. Lots of love!

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