Challenge of the Week: Crossing Midline

So this week I have been focusing on crossing midline with Ruby. Let me just say, it has not been easy. I have tried to do things that she is interested in, but even her interest cannot always overcome her challenge of crossing that invisible line (see post here for more on what crossing midline means.)

This week is was a great week to start putting more emphasis on crossing midline as Ruby has been a lot more attentive, intentional with her communication, and lots of mimicking. So I started off this week trying these things out.

  1. High 5’s.  Yes Ruby has always loved to high 5, and most of the time she will high 5 on one side of her body (her left hand to my right hand, ect.) instead of crossing over midline to high 5 on the opposite side. So I told her to high 5, then held down one hand so she would have to high 5 across her body. This did not go over well with her. Oh yes, she still high fived, but then she ran down the hallway crying… Semi win I guess.
  2.   Songs with Movement. So I started off doing songs that had movement that she likes that have some midline crossing, or even just bringing both hands closer to her center, like wheels on the bus. She will do the wheels in front of her, but when I tried do movements that crossed over she would watch me but would not try. I also did the do as I’m doing song and again, just watching no participating. Brandon (her brother) was doing them with me, so I hope as we continue she will start to feel more comfortable and try.
  3. Getting Dressed. Putting on and taking off her own shirt is still a struggle. I sadly admit that I usually just do it for her, especially when she has to get up so early for school that it is still dark outside. But, I have been trying to potty train her lately and help her to get herself dressed. We have a big mirror in the bathroom so she can she what she is doing. With putting on a shirt you have to cross midline to get your arms in the sleeves, so with hand over hand I have been helping her do just that. This is still a struggle for her, but she is doing better!

So this coming week, I am going to keep up with finding ways to encourage Ruby to cross midline, and add on a new challenge: Working with her communication device. See you all next week!