Crossing Midline Challenges

Recently I went to an IEP meeting for my daughter. They needed to re-evaluate her to make sure she still qualified for the specialized program. One of the things they mentioned is they saw that Ruby struggled with crossing midline.

I know I have already posted on crossing midline and why it is so important, but this was a wake up call to me that I should be spending more time finding ways to help her cross midline.

Some of the things they noticed that indicated she had trouble with this was with stacking blocks. She could stake 10 blocks on the left side or on the right but not right in front of her. If they tried to get her to stack them in front she should just line them up on the floor. When they wanted her to build a bridge that met in the middle she couldn’t do it. She also transfers toys or objects from one hand to the other instead of using one hand to cross midline.

It can be so challenging finding ways to have her cross midline, but I am determined to find more ways to help her. Got to get those two sides of the brain talking to each other!

One of the benefits of this blog to me is that it keeps me thinking of new ideas on how to help Ruby, to assess where she is at, and to see how far she has come. So thank you all for taking the time to read this and I would love any ideas you have as well to help Ruby!

So this week I am going to focus on ways to help Ruby cross midline and report back on how it went. The things we tried and if they were a win or a fail. Check in later!