Social Stories

When we first started working with an OT she talked about social stories as a way of helping Ruby to learn new skills and to know what to expect.  A social story is a series of pictures with words that give the steps of something, like going to the store or potty training.

You can use pictures on your phone, printed pictures, or something else.  We use the app called pictello.  Below you can see we have several social stories for Ruby.  We use social stories for two purposes.

  1. To teacher Ruby something
  2. For memories of past events or people


So we have been working on potty training with Ruby.  We created a social story called pee pee on the potty.  There is something powerful about Ruby being able to see herself doing the steps of potty training.


This app works like a slide show and says the words that goes along with the pictures. When I took her to the bathroom I took pictures of each step and wrote words that went along with them.

A2FE65F5-4E1E-4709-84B4-EFD15000C0F8I try to include things the give her instructions.  Here I put one in that talked about staying on the potty until she goes pee pee.


The possibilities with these are endless.  We have ones about Ruby and her grandparents that she looks at frequently.  This is really helpful since we have moved away.  It help her keep her connection with them even though she doesn’t see them frequently.

We also have some about playing with her brothers.  I put a line in each talking about how to appropriately play when them and to be soft.  We have one for her dog Pepper.  We talk about not putting her hands in Peppers mouth and things she can do to play nicely with Pepper.

Another great thing about these is she can share them with others and show them more about her life, like who her brothers are, who her dog is, and endless more.

We love social stories!