Challenge of the Week: Replacing Electronic Time with Social Time

So recently we have all been sick. It has been a roller coaster of flu, allergies, hand foot and mouth (which was horrific) congestion, and much more. Pretty much since December we have all been taking turns being sick. So lately we have been watching shows, a lot of shows, because what else do you do when you are all sick? The downside is it … Continue reading Challenge of the Week: Replacing Electronic Time with Social Time

Infantile Reflexes

Have you ever heard of infantile reflexes? These are natural reflexes that newborns have, known as primitive flexes, that normally vanish within the first year of life. When a newborn is in the hospital the staff checks to make sure these reflexes are present determine their development. Some of these include: Startle reflex: pulling your arms and legs in after hearing a loud noise. Sucking … Continue reading Infantile Reflexes

Communication Device Challenge

This week I have been focusing more on helping Ruby use her communication device. I let her explore the device a lot, but sometimes it can be challenging to always make time to model using the device with her. So a strategy I used was to set aside a few minutes everyday to work with her ipad. I had created a prayer page for her … Continue reading Communication Device Challenge

Challenge of the Week: Crossing Midline

So this week I have been focusing on crossing midline with Ruby. Let me just say, it has not been easy. I have tried to do things that she is interested in, but even her interest cannot always overcome her challenge of crossing that invisible line (see post here for more on what crossing midline means.) This week is was a great week to start … Continue reading Challenge of the Week: Crossing Midline

Guest Post from a Ph.D. Clinician: DIR/Floortime

DIR/Floortime: Promoting Development Through Connection and Play The Kate Clinic Stephanie Nilsen, Ph.D. Many years ago, I fell upon the world of autism unexpectedly, but delightedly.  While in college, I took a job as a play therapist to help pay tuition bills while hopefully getting a little more experience towards my future career.  Little did I know that my whole life would change as I … Continue reading Guest Post from a Ph.D. Clinician: DIR/Floortime

Progress on Communication

This journey with Ruby’s communication has been full of surprises.  For a long time we have been using pictures, repetitive labeling, modeling, a communication device, and consistent speech therapy to try to help Ruby develop her speech.  For a long time there was little progress in her speech.  There would be bright spots here and there, a new word, a request for something she wanted, … Continue reading Progress on Communication

How I Got my 12 Month Old to Talk

So having been in speech therapy with Ruby for 2 years I have learned somethings on how to encourage communication.  So, I decided to use some of these things with Jack, who is now 12, to help his communication develop. At about 9 months I started doing these three things with him. 1. Turning the unintentional into intentional.  So this was key for Jack.  I would … Continue reading How I Got my 12 Month Old to Talk