Guest Post from a Ph.D. Clinician: DIR/Floortime

DIR/Floortime: Promoting Development Through Connection and Play The Kate Clinic Stephanie Nilsen, Ph.D. Many years ago, I fell upon the world of autism unexpectedly, but delightedly.  While in college, I took a job as a play therapist to help pay tuition bills while hopefully getting a little more experience towards my future career.  Little did … Continue reading Guest Post from a Ph.D. Clinician: DIR/Floortime

Crossing Midline Challenges

Recently I went to an IEP meeting for my daughter. They needed to re-evaluate her to make sure she still qualified for the specialized program. One of the things they mentioned is they saw that Ruby struggled with crossing midline. I know I have already posted on crossing midline and why it is so important, … Continue reading Crossing Midline Challenges

Overly Excited

The sensory system can be a tricky thing to really understand, at least for me. Lately I have seen Ruby become more regulated (by that I mean able to pay attention without interference from her sensory system) without a lot of intentional sensory activities to help her regulate. For a moment there I thought, oh … Continue reading Overly Excited

Progress on Communication

This journey with Ruby's communication has been full of surprises.  For a long time we have been using pictures, repetitive labeling, modeling, a communication device, and consistent speech therapy to try to help Ruby develop her speech.  For a long time there was little progress in her speech.  There would be bright spots here and … Continue reading Progress on Communication

How I Got my 12 Month Old to Talk

So having been in speech therapy with Ruby for 2 years I have learned somethings on how to encourage communication.  So, I decided to use some of these things with Jack, who is now 12, to help his communication develop. At about 9 months I started doing these three things with him. 1. Turning the … Continue reading How I Got my 12 Month Old to Talk

Communication Device

A new way we are encouraging Ruby's communication development is through a communication device (AAC).  Before I knew much about it, I had thought that oh Ruby has words she doesn't need that device, or I would rather have her develop her verbal communication than use a device to say her words.  I had a … Continue reading Communication Device

Endless Chewing

I want to focus on one sensory system today, oral, and talk about chewing.  Ruby has always chewed on everything.  Really, every small spec that no one else could see she would spot and put in her mouth.  She usually didn't swallow the things she put in her mouth, but in they went.  She would … Continue reading Endless Chewing